Bike to work (DPNB) is a national campaign whose main objective is to promote the development of non-motorised, especially cycling transport in cities, to encourage municipalities in Slovakia to create quality conditions for environmentally friendly modes of transport in the city, to motivate employers to build suitable conditions in their settlements for employees who commute to work by bicycle, and to motivate employees to use more of this form of alternative transport in their daily commute to work.

The competition is organised by: National Cycling Coordinator Peter Klučka, Ministry of Transport of the Slovak Republic

Co-ordinator and expert guarantor of the contest: the Civic Cyclo-Initiative Banská Bystrica

After nine successful years of the campaign we’ve set it as our goal to continue the project and persistently make an effort so that not just biking, but also living an everyday life in your town becomes more pleasant, healthy, and reaches the standards of other forward European cities.

Campaigns in support of bicycle transport have been carried out in many different cities. It has been observed that when at least a proportion of commuters started biking more often, the average speed of personal cars increased as well. With increased proportion of cyclo-commuters, there has been more space out on the street, which can be appreciated by all users of public space, including drivers. This current trend, together with the process of changing people’s mind-set and behaviours in the more forward parts of Europe, have led towards sustainable urban development. The truth remains that it usually starts from below – from among citizens, activists, and initiatives who feel that a change is needed.

“The development of bicycle transport is not a goal in itself, but a highly effective mean of making urban areas better places to live.”

— Copenhagen’s development strategy for bicycle transport

Bike to Work is a contest for people from all corners of Slovakia who officially register between 1st April and 7th June 2023 at the website, as maintained by the contest rules and regulations.

Immediately after the local government’s registration is confirmed, it is possible to register teams comprised of 2 to 4 members who are all employees of local companies, institutions, and organisations. During the month of May, they will commute to work by bike and keep records accordingly by logging the distance at the official website, as maintained by the contest rules and regulations. Teams can register all the way through 7th June 2023.

Our aspiration for this contest is to positively affect a broad spectrum of urban-dwelling individuals, organisations, and institutions in favour biking on short-distance journeys. We believe that the campaign will spread and a bicycle will become a fully accepted mean of transport in Slovak towns and cities, just as it is in the surrounding countries. We believe that cyclists will be not only given all due respect for significantly contributing to the protection of the natural environment, but that they will also become an inspiration to those who still drive a car on their way around the town.

We sincerely believe that what motivates you to participate in the contest is mostly the good feeling of strengthening your health, saving money, decluttering the town and helping the natural environment. BUT: In an attempt to make the campaign more attractive, we have teamed up with this year’s partners and prepared few bonus categories in addition to the regular ones (as specified in the rules and regulations).

More details about the Bike to Work 2023 campaign, the requirements for joining and options for entering a prise contest can be found in the Information section.