Bike to Work can only be realised with the help of many volunteers. Every single euro (that we often obtain from various different sources) counts and each year we do our best to efficiently invest into making the campaign better.

What is important – the 10th year of the campaign will still be FREE OF CHARGE for the public, despite the significant organisational costs. As a matter of fact, our goal is to bring biking up to speed everywhere in Slovakia and we don’t want the registration fee to hinder anyone in participating.

On the other hand, we believe that some of you who have come to like our campaign and its mission can also support its existence financially. If you find yourself in that group, there are few ways to help:

By donating  2 % of your taxes to our civic association

Donate any sum you wish through the portal.
You can support us through a credit card, bank payment system, or transfer / deposit on our account in just a few moments. Send your donation to the civic organisation Občianska cykloiniciatíva Banská Bystrica who is the campaign’s main organiser and who will use the full sum of your donation to fund activities in direct support of the campaign.

Your company can become one of our partners for this year’s Bike to Work campaign and help with its realisation too. If you are interested, just contact us! Contact.

Support Us as a Volunteer
Bike to Work is for the most part brought to existence through the help of our volunteers. Our team always welcomes active and responsible people who can give us a hand with marketing and PR, translating, IT development, and much more.

All your donations will be used for running and further development of the campaign exclusively – these areas include: IT service, records-keeping system and website innovations, essential staff who run the campaign and who could not do without the help of our volunteers, etc.