The Bike to Work contest stands on the participants‘ honesty, thus we trust you to fill out the statistics truthfully. You ought to consider the validity and accuracy of your submitted information in accordance with your own conscience, you shouldn’t want to win at any cost. More than about winning, this campaign is about joining forces in creating pressure on the towns and self-governing regions so they would pay more attention to developing bicycle transport within their district.

Answer: No, the contest is for teams only. The contest rules and regulations maintain that a team has comprise of at least 2 and at most 4 members. The requirement of joining as a team is a way for active employees to invite/motivate their colleagues and make a team together.

Answer: No. Only teams of people who are all employed with the same company or institution located in the same town can participate in the contest. Individuals or teams of people employed with different organisations cannot join.

Answer: No, but take the regular one – meaning, take the same way as usually. If you take a different route on the way to or from work than usually, e.g. to grab a soda or to pop into a grocery store, this additional distance counts too. However, intentional lengthening of your regular route, when you take 20 km instead of 5 km to get to work, is considered an artificial extension of your route and it is up to the honesty and sportsmanship of every participant to not log an extended distance instead of the regular one.

Answer: Yes, you can. In case you have home office then you will create and you will write down your “usual” routes to work which you would do if you worked in your common workplace. You can also drive another route not only to work and back (home). In this case, you will register the travelled route in the lenght which will not exceed the usual way to work.

Answer: The contest is intended for every day of the week. You should therefore log your actual biked kilometres for every day of work during the contest, which runs from 1st to 30th June. No matter if it’s Monday or Saturday.

Partially. Only rides and kilometers traveled by bicycle are counted for the main competition. BUT: We have also added a contest for DPNB participants, which are using public transport or travelling by foot. They can fight for 3 prizes. The condition is that they realize during September at least 29 commutes to / from work by public transport or on foot. In addition, by using these forms of transport, the saved CO2 is credited to the competitor, the team and the city, thereby improving the carbon footprint of themselves and their team, and increasing the chances of overall city victory. (Note: The system recalculates CO2 saved compared to car travel according to a specific formula)

Response: Yes, partially. Data entered is recalculated several times a day. The rides you enter therefore won’t appear in the overall statistics immediately, but rather with a several hour delay.

Answer: At least every 7 days, because the system allows you to log the current day and go back only 6 days. You cannot log your rides after the 4 day period is over, therefore, it’s important that you keep logging regularly. Your team leader can log every team-member’s rides, no one else can log rides for others.

Answer: No. Your team-member list cannot be changed after the registration is over. However, you have two options:

a) You won’t log any rides for your currently indisposed team-member while everyone else keeps competing
b) You can make a deal with another colleague who will bike in her/his stead and under her/his name, for which the substitute will need the indisposed colleague’s log-in details (log-in ID and password)

Response: Register under the municipality which you and your colleagues commute to for your workplace.

Answer: Register using your civic organisation’s IČO (organisation’s identification number) and with the town in which the organisation resides.

Answer: Yes, everybody who’s commuting by electric bike, scooter or roller-blades can join. Log your commuted kilometres as if you went by bike.

Answer: If the registration form does not list your town, you ought to contact your municipal government and ask them to register with the campaign. OR, you can ask them when are they planning to send us their application. After we have received it, your town will be included in the list and you will be able to register.

Answer: Certainly! Purchasing the campaign T-shirt is not a pre-requisite for joining. It is possible to select registering without purchasing a T-shirt and to fully participate in the campaign without any financial expenditure.