You can also keep track of your rides in the campaign via a mobile phone app. For this purpose, you need to install the STRAVA app, which you then link to your DPNB account.

There are two ways to add rides – either you select one of the completed rides in the app manually in the competitor’s DPNB account (and assign the selected form of transport and direction to it), or you tag the selected rides directly in STRAVA with the hashtags #doprace and #domov, which will move the rides directly to the competition rides.

Procedure for basic pairing of the app with the DPNB account and uploading the saved ride:

  1. Download the Strava app from Google Play or the App Store and sign in (no need to buy the paid version of the app, the DPNB campaign logging works in its basic settings).
  2. Click the Connect with STRAVA button. This will open the Strava website, where you will log in just as you logged in to the app itself.
  3. Allow the DPNB system access to your activities – leave “View data about your private activities” ticked and click Authorize.
  4. To add a ride, click the Connect with STRAVA button again, select the direction of travel and mode of transport, and select the saved Strava route you were on. Click Create and you’re done, the ride will be added to your account.

An even more convenient way to record journeys is to automate them via hashtags. The DPNB system allows you to add rides from Strava using the hashtags #doprace or #domov. When you include these hashtags in the name of a completed ride and it is synced in Strava, you won’t have to manually add the ride in the competitor’s account – it will immediately appear in your list of rides in your DPNB account.

How to add a ride automatically::

  1. End your ride in Strave by tapping the STOP button followed by FINISH.
  2. You will see the Save Activity screen. In the Title your ride field, enter #doprace or #domov, depending on the direction you were going.
  3. Click SAVE at the top right of the screen. Done.

It is important to note that the ride will not appear in your DPNB account unless you have synchronized it in Strave itself. If the ride is only in your phone’s memory and not on the server, the DPNB system will not be able to download it. You must therefore have your Strava (and therefore the phone itself) connected to the internet to synchronise the rides. Then, in the ride overview, swipe down to synchronise the rides stored on your phone with the Strava server.

It should also be stressed that the DPNB system stretches the kind of activity that you yourself have chosen in Strave. So if you have walked and have an activity marked as cycling (Ride or EBikeRide) in Strave, you will have “bike” recorded in your logbook. In this case, you need to delete the ride in DPNB and then edit the ride in Strave, changing the mode of transport to Walk or Run.

Related to the above is also the procedure to be applied after a possible deletion of a journey (e.g. due to additional editing, change of means of transport, etc.). If you delete an automated Strava ride from your account and want to upload a new one, you will need to add additional text to the ride name in Strava to distinguish the name from the previous one so that the DPNB system registers the change. You will therefore need to enter e.g. #doprace morning in the name. After saving the changed ride and refreshing the DPNB account, the updated ride will be displayed again in the list of rides.

It is important to point out that even in the case of Strava, the rule of recording journeys on the current day and up to 6 days back applies. Therefore, it will not be possible to synchronise rides e.g. at the end of the month for the whole month of June. The system will not allow this, only those that are not older than 6 days will be uploaded between rides.

We would also like to remind you that this is a new functionality that could not be tested extensively. Therefore, there may be unforeseen technical issues that we have not detected during testing. We therefore ask you to check the rides and their upload in the DPNB system continuously, upload them manually in case of problems and contact us with a description of the problem.